Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hurricanger Series Review


Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger (English translation Ninja Arts Squadron Hurricanger) (2002-03) was the 26th installment of Super Sentai. It was also the second Sentai season to use a ninja motif. Despite the ninja motif, there wasn't a whole lot of martial arts as its theme would suggest, however, it focused a lot on the stealthness of ninjas. Some fans see it as one of the darker seasons of Sentai, while others see it as one of the lighter Sentais. Personally, while it had many lighthearted moments, overall I felt the story was pretty dark. It had many dark themes including the backstories of the Goraijers, Shurikenger, Gozen-Sama, and the final battle. Among 2000's Sentai's, I would rank only Timeranger and maybe Gekiranger as being darker than Hurricanger. It's a season much like Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, not really popular among the fandom but not really hated either, yet vastly underrated. Personally, Hurricanger is one of my favorite Sentai's, and ranks up there with some of my other favorites such as Dekaranger, Shinkenger, and Timeranger.

The Good
The story I felt is one of the best, with lots of intense drama. The story surrounding the Goraijers and their father I felt was particularly good, as well as the story between Shurikenger and Gozen-Sama. The fight scenes were also pretty solid. While the cast is certainly not the best, it is underrated with many solid characters such as the Goraijers, Shurikenger, and Nanami. All these characters grow and develop really well during the series, especially the Goraijers. While the series did have a few weak villains, it had a few solid villains such as Manmaruba, Sandaru, and Ikki Kasumi (the Goraijer's father). The team-up with Gaoranger was pretty good, especially seeing the Gaoranger mecha's combining with the Hurricanger mechas. The movie was descent as well, though not the best. The intro theme song is pretty descent as well, although I've heard better.

The Bad
While most of the main characters were solid, Kouta I felt is one of the blandest Sentai warriors ever. Yousuke was a bit better than Kouta, but was fairly average at best, especially for a red warrior. Some of the villains are rather so-so as well. Tao Zanto is one of the least interesting main villains in Sentai. The team-up with Abaranger was also kinda bland. I also wish they had went futher than they did with the Isshu-Nanami relationship.

The Ugly
There was nothing really ugly about this series.

My Rating
8.5/10 B+. Despite not having very many impressive villains, this series is awesome. It managed to have a great plot that was dark, had plenty of drama, and still had some good humor in it.

My Favorite Episodes/Arcs
Episode 3- This one is technically a filler episode, but we learn about Nanami wanting to be a star and a singer.
Episodes 7-10- This is where the Goraijers finally enter the battle against the Hurricangers, and they're badass. The Goraigers whip the Hurricanger's tails everytime they fight.
Episodes 15-18- After a hanfull of filler episodes, the Goraijers' story progresses. After they learn the secret about "that" and their father, they losely join the Hurricangers in the fight against Jakanja.
Episode 26- Technically a filler episode but a funny one, involving a monster who puts everyone under love spells including Isshu. It also established that Nanami and Isshu had feelings for each other.
Episode 30- Gave Nanami some good character development after she was betrayed by Furabijou, and then Nanami gets really pissed.
Episodes 31-33- Ikkou is practically on his deathbead and is saved by Yousuke who risked his life for Ikkou. This is also where the Goraijers finally fully warm-up to the Hurricangers.
Episodes 36-37- Further develops the new bond between the Goraijers and the Hurricangers when the weakened Hurricangers risk everything to save the Goraijers.
Episodes 42-44- Part of one bigger story arc. This part establishes Shurikenger's bond with the others and also introduces the Gozen-Sama character.
Episode 47- Reveals Gozen-Sama's sad past.
Episodes 48-51- The final battle, in which everything that had happened up to this point was all tied together and came full circle. Also showed the bond between Shurikenger and Gozen-Sama.


  1. Interesting review. I'm planning on rewatching Hurricanger soon. Haven't seen it since it first aired. I don't remember it too well, but I remember liking it.

  2. If you can read Spanish it is fully subbed by insomnio fansubs

  3. This shit was trash and I'm a dedicated Sentai fan. The only redeeming qualities of the show was the gouraigers(maybe misspelled). I mean a bat for a weapon? So glad this is over with. Oh yeah the ten year after crap was weak too