Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Reviews, Gokaiger Episodes 19, 20, and 21


This is a bit late but I decided I wanted to review the last 3 episodes of Gokaiger, starting with episode 19. Episode 19 is a character focus episode for Gai and Doc. The episode begins with Gokai Silver being linked to the 6th ranger-ranger keys. Afterwards he cooks for everyone, and everyone loves it. However, Doc gets jealous and starts to think that Gai is replacing everything that Doc has done, essentially making him useless. In a fight against the MOTW, Gai combines both the Go-On Wings keys into one, making him half Go-On Silver and half Go-On Gold. However, the MOTW pulls the bones out of Marvelous, Joe, Luka, and Ahim, making them too lazy to do anything. Doc reaches his breaking point, and tells Gai to fight the monster by himself since Doc feels useless. However, Navi tells Doc about how Gai complemented his cooking, which cheers Doc up. Later on, Doc tells Gai to combine all of the 6th ranger-ranger keys, which he does to create Gold Mode. Gai uses Gold Mode to defeat the MOTW.

Episode 19 I thought was pretty good. A solid character development episode for both the newcomer (Gai) and for Doc. However, I will say that Gai's Gold Mode looks silly. The armor is too big and all the helmets on it look a bit goofy. That said, most Power Ranger battlizers and the Power Rangers Samurai Mega Mode look a lot worst than Gold Mode. Overall I give this episode 8/10.


In episode 20, the Gokaigers have to go to Ginga Forest to collect Gingaman's grand power. However, as the Gingaman team fought Space Pirates, the Gokaigers knew they might not receive a warm welcome. In preparation Doc made some donuts. When the Gokaigers reach the forest's border, they recognize that they're just walking in circles. Eventually, Basco appears after attacking Hyuuga. Basco uses the DekaMaster, MagiMother, and Wolzard Fire ranger keys to combat the Gokaigers. Doc, Luka, Joe, and Ahim are overwhelmed and fall into a river. However, they're saved by Ryoma. For helping, Doc gives the donuts to Ryoma. Meanwhile, in the presence of Hyuuga, Gai starts to doubt himself, leading to Hyuuga demanding Gai to give him the Gokai Silver changer. Later, Basco tries to steal the grand power away from Hyuuga, but Marvelous stops him. However, Marvelous is overwhelmed fighting against BullBlack, Deka Master, Magi Mother, and Wolzard Fire. Basco tells Marvelous he should quit, but Marvelous responds that he won't quit his dream, which is to get his hands on the universe's greatest treasure. After hearing these words, Gai realizes he can't give up his dream of being a Super Sentai warrior, and tells Hyuuga. Hyuuga says that's what he wanted to hear. Gai defeats BullBlack, while the other Gokaigers transform into Gingaman and defeat Deka Master, Magi Mother, and Wolzard Fire. However, Sally retrieves all these keys (except for BullBlack) before the Gokaigers could get them. Later on, Hyuuga entrusts the BullBlack ranger key and the Gingaman grand power to Gai.

Like the previous episode, this one was also pretty good. It provided some solid bits of character development for Gai, who learned he can't easily give up his dream after being starstruck. I give this episode 8/10.


In episode 21, Akashi/Bouken Red board Gokai Gallon and asks the Gokagers to help him find a precious named the "Heart of the Underworld." Initially Marvelous was reluctant but Akashi challenges him, saying Marvelous doesn't have the "confidence." This leads the Gokaigers to search for the Heart of the Underworld, but Insarn and the Zangyack are also after it. Marvelous and Luka follow Akashi while the others stay and fight the Gormin. Eventually, Marvelous, Luka, and Akashi find the Heart of the Underworld, but the Jaryu Tribe had already found it and use it to revive Ryuuon. Eventually, Marvelous and Luka join the others to fight Ryuuon to retake the Heart of the Underworld. After transforming into Boukengers, Marvelous being a badass, rips the Heart of the Underworld out of Ryuuon's chest. However, Ryuuon being even more badass had already absorbed its power. He fights off all of the Gokaigers' attacks and grows large. The Gokaiger mecha attacks, including DekaGokaiOh and MagiGokaiOh don't work. Eventually, they decide to use the Boukengers' grand power which does work.

Of the three episodes, I felt this one was the best. It provided some minor character development for Marvelous, mostly through flashbacks but it showed he had gotten more anxious because of Basco's presence. Marvelous was badass throughout the episode, and it was really awesome seeing Ryuuon back. Ryuuon proved even more how awesome of a villain he is. I give this episode 9/10.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Power Rangers SPD Japanese Dubbing Press Conference

Here's the press conference with the Dekaranger cast, whom except for Swan's actress will all be dubbing their Power Ranger counterparts. The best part is when Tetsu Inada does his Doggie Krugar impersonation.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Most Childish Power Rangers Series

A while back I did a post on what I thought were the most childish Sentai series. Now I've decided to make a post on the most childish Power Rangers series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

MMPR was kinda childish when it began. The series had its fair share of cheese and it always talked down to its audience. It was preachy in terms of what good kids should and shouldn't do. However, at the time (early 90's) this was fairly common among American TV shows. Some even went to greater extremes, like Captain Planet. On the whole, I think MMPR was a little childish but it wasn't that chidish. Compared to its counterpart, Zyuranger, MMPR didn't have the kid of the week thing going, even though MMPR had its fair amount of children guest stars as well. Also, MMPR didn't revolve around a fantasy. There were other shows around at the time or slightly later that were more childish, like Masked Rider and Big Bad Beatleborgs. However, Disney's remake of MMPR (MMPRv2) was extremely childish. It was complete with corny special effects and comic book strips. Needless to say, the remake version was terrible.

Power Rangers Wild Force
Wild Force I felt was even more childish than MMPR, although not as childish as the MMPR remake version. Wild Force was kinda like Magiranger, an odd mix of childish themes and dark themes. However, I think Wild Force's childish aspects dragged down the show. Wild Force had a lot of children guest stars (most of them bad actors) and the story of the Animarium was read ridiculously from a childrens book. This I felt dragged down Wild Force the most.

Friday, July 8, 2011

June Poll Results, New Polls


Gokaiger Episode 14 was voted overwhelmingly to be the funniest moment/episode of the 21st Century, with 77 votes. The Shinkenger Returns V-Cinema movie and Natsuki's rampage (episode 24 of Boukenger) tied for second with 34 votes. Akashi being cursed with bad luck was 4th with 31 votes, and an alienizer falling in love with Tetsu was 5th with 29 votes.


The ending in Timeranger was voted as the saddest moment of the 21st Century with 62 votes. Second was Hoji (DekaBlue) having to delete his girlfriend's brother, with 38 votes. Third was Rio and Mele's death in Gekiranger.

New polls will allow people to pick to see what they want to see more from my blog.