Monday, February 14, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 2 Review "Deal With"


After a rather crappy premier, the second episode of Samurai was actually much better than the first. We still haven't gotten any kind of background story that we would normally get from the first couple of episodes. From what I hear, Nickelodeon is prone to airing the actual first episode in the middle of the season. I don't know why, it doesn't really make any sense. But in the second episode, which focused on Kevin and Mia, was a big improvement from the first. The episode was of course another copy and paste job from its Sentai counterpart, but it did have a little originality to it. The kid's father in this one was an army soldier who was away on service. The originality I did like was that Kevin has a dream as being an olympic swimmer, which I feel suits him well since his elemental power is water. This week's MOTW didn't have the same cheesy lines as the previous one, and Najee De-Tiege's acting was much better than it was in the first episode. Still, Erica Fong's acting can improve some and the child actor like most child actors on Power Rangers, was terrible. The dialog can still use some improvement as well. For example, hearing Mia shout out "unforgivable" in English just doesn't sound as emphatic as "yurusenai" in Japanese. Overall I think the episode was pretty descent.

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