Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Most Childish Power Rangers Series

A while back I did a post on what I thought were the most childish Sentai series. Now I've decided to make a post on the most childish Power Rangers series.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

MMPR was kinda childish when it began. The series had its fair share of cheese and it always talked down to its audience. It was preachy in terms of what good kids should and shouldn't do. However, at the time (early 90's) this was fairly common among American TV shows. Some even went to greater extremes, like Captain Planet. On the whole, I think MMPR was a little childish but it wasn't that chidish. Compared to its counterpart, Zyuranger, MMPR didn't have the kid of the week thing going, even though MMPR had its fair amount of children guest stars as well. Also, MMPR didn't revolve around a fantasy. There were other shows around at the time or slightly later that were more childish, like Masked Rider and Big Bad Beatleborgs. However, Disney's remake of MMPR (MMPRv2) was extremely childish. It was complete with corny special effects and comic book strips. Needless to say, the remake version was terrible.

Power Rangers Wild Force
Wild Force I felt was even more childish than MMPR, although not as childish as the MMPR remake version. Wild Force was kinda like Magiranger, an odd mix of childish themes and dark themes. However, I think Wild Force's childish aspects dragged down the show. Wild Force had a lot of children guest stars (most of them bad actors) and the story of the Animarium was read ridiculously from a childrens book. This I felt dragged down Wild Force the most.

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