Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Poll Results, September Polls


Polls for August asked "How should Goseiger be adapted for Power Rangers?
The 126 voters, the overwhelming majority (80%) said that Goseiger should be adapted with a completely original storyline. This I agree with but sadley, I don't have much hope of it happening.

13 voters (8%) said all of Goseigers' plots and characters should be copied and pasted for its Power Rangers adaptation.
13 voters (again, 8%) said Saban should skip Goseiger and move onto Gokaiger.
4 voters (2%) said that Goseiger should be adapted as the second season of Power Rangers Samurai.


The other two polls circled around Gokaiger. The first one was "As a Super Sentai fan, do you want to see Gokaiger adapted for Power Rangers?
124 voters (86%) said yes.
20 voters (13%) said no.

The next question was virtually the same, but as a "Power Rangers fan."
117 voters (89%) said yes.
14 voters (10%) said no.

September's polls will ask if you like the newer version of my "series reviews" or the old ones better. Other polls will be asking if you would like to see reviews of other tokusatsu related shows such as Kamen Rider, Shibuya 15, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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  1. I would love to see your thoughts on a Kamen Rider show. =D