Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December Poll Results, January Polls


Among anniversary team-up movies, 79 of 90 voters (87%) voted for Gokaiger, Goseiger, Super Sentai 199 Hero Battle as the best team-up, beating Gaoranger vs Super Sentai (7 votes) and Boukenger vs Super Sentai (4 votes).

Among the viewers that saw Super Sentai 199 Hero Battle, 62 voters (81%) thought it was awesome, 10 voters (13%) thought it was good, 2 voters thought it was ok, and 2 voters thought it was horrible.


Based on the rumors for the next Power Rangers series after Samurai, 46 voters (54%) felt that Goseiger should be adapted in a different way from what is rumored. 17 voters liked the idea of adaptimg Megaranger scripts for Goseiger, 14 voters felt that Power Rangers should skip Goseiger and move onto Gokaiger, and 8 voters felt that Power Rangers should adapt nothing at all.

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