Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Goodbye (and good riddence) Dysney, welcome back Saban

Saban has officially bought back Power Rangers from Walt Disney. Saban also struck a deal with Nickelodeon to air the 18th season, starting with 20 new episodes to air in 2011. This will help Power Rangers in the long run after being dragged on its feet by Disney. Finally, the dreaded Disney era ends. This might excite the fan base with a new season and with Saban back in control. The big question is will Saban adapt from Shinkenger (first picture below) or Goseiger (second picture below). I personally hope Saban adapts Shinkenger because seeing a Samurai themed Power Rangers series would be fun to see. Not to mention if they use Shinkenger and succeed, they can use Goseiger in 2012.


  1. I think Goseiger wouldn't be as great as Shinkenger even if Shinkenger's PR version will go lighthearted.

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  2. Bruce Kalish was a TERRIBLE writer no doubt. For example, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive had cool concepts but poorly executed so you don't expect it to be better than Boukenger. Also SPD got me to puke with almost everybody especially the girls.