Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zordon is a Racist (humor video)

With all the racism talk in Power Rangers, rather its Disney portraying Asians in a racist manner, MMPR having an African American black ranger (Zack), an Asian American yellow ranger (Trini), and even a caucasian white ranger (Tommy), I think all of these accusations are ridiculous. I decided to post a hilarious video that parodies these stereo types. Its titled Zordon is a Racist. I do not mean to offend anyone by posting the video. It does play on some racial stereo types, but I think its a bit of comic relief from the criticism that Power Rangers has recieved.


  1. To accuse Saban of being racist is STUPID because of the following reasons:

    Zack Taylor was a pretty likable character, he was even cooler than Adam.

    Trini Kwan was probably the most likable character of the original cast. She was a strong willed, skilled martial artist who I compare to Bioman's Mika Koizumi. She is even better in martial arts than anybody in the group.

    I think the color coding do have racial implications or intended ones to represent pride:

    If I'm not wrong, Jason is native American.

    Billy may apparently be European in origin.

    Pink to represent the American people with the lovely Kimberly.

  2. Jason wasn't Native American, but in Zeo it was revealed that Tommy was.