Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sakura Nishihori, not your typical Pink Ranger

While Sakura (Boukenpink) is one of the hottest female rangers in the Super Sentai series (to me she only ranks behind Jasmine and Marigold form Dekaranger), she is far from your typical pink ranger, just like Ban from Dekaranger isn't your typical red ranger. Sakura is a sharp contrast from past pink rangers that are often cute, sometimes dorky, and very feminine. Sakura is ultra serious in a way that reminds me of Hoji from Dekaranger, except without Hoji's arrogant attitude that he displayed at the beginning. She's so serious in fact that she rarely smiles. She gets her seriousness and toughness from her time spent in the Special Defence Forces (the Japanese military). Her tough, serious demeanor reminds me a lot of Jen from Power Rangers Time Force, and the gun scene in Task 12 reminds me a lot of Tomb Raider. She's the most badass Boukenger, I dare say, even more so than Eiji. Sakura is one person who would make you run for cover if she's in a bad mood. Despite her serious side, she had a soft spot particularly for Akashi (Boukenred) although she really never fully confesses her true feelings for him. As revealed in episode 31, she has difficulty expressing her feelings because of the way she was raised by her family, which was very wealthy.


  1. What about Mai/Change Phoenix in Changeman? She wasn't girly either.


  3. She's kind of hot but not as hot as Jasmine. My favorite scene of Sakura has to be where she had rifle action with Natsuki.

    I kind of thought about it that Inou Masumi was kind of attracted to her but can be scared of her. LOL.