Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gokaiger Episode reviews, 22, 23, and 24.

Episode 22

Gokaiger episode 22 was a focus episode for Joe and Gai. It was basically a filler episode but still a pretty descent one. The episode starts with Joe and Gai doing the weekly shopping for the Gokaiger team, when they run into a kid whom at first seems like a brat. In reality the kid, Shouta, had made a promise with his friend Daigo to meet him at Mt. Kamikura to watch a meteor shower. However, the kid is attacked by the Zangyack, who plan on putting a crystal in a power stone on top of Mt. Kamikura. Shouta is injured, and Gai becomes concerned about the kid's safety. However, Joe tells Shouta to go and keep his promise. Eventually the Zangyack head to Mt. Kamikura and the other Gokaigers join Joe and Gai to stop them. The MOTW, Starguru, succeeds in planting the crystal fragment into the power stone, and uses its power to pull an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Starguru is eventually defeated, but the Gokaigers struggle to destroy the asteroid. However, Gai asks Joe to throw him at the asteroid. They use GokaiOh to launch GouJyuJin at the asteroid. Gai succeeds in destroying the asteroid by using GouJyuJin's drill. The episode ends with Shouta meeting his friend Daigo to watch the meteor shower, while Joe tells Gai that he doesn't dislike earth.

Overall, this episode was a descent one. It had a nice story involving the kid, and touches on Gai's naiveness about the other Gokaiger's personalities. Overall I give it 7.5/10.

Episode 23


Episode 23 is a focus episode for Luka and Ahim. The episode begins with Navi doing his usual treasure navigation prediction, which was: "helping you shalt guide you to a meeting." So the Gokaigers split into three groups of two (Gai & Marvelous, Joe & Doc, and Luka & Ahim). Gai and Marvelous give piggy back rides to a bunch of old people trying to clime stairs. Meanwhile Doc and Joe help a drag queen. Luka and Ahim help a pregnant woman and her daughter. When the pregnant lady's daughter talks about having a little sister, Luka has a flashback about the death of her little sister, whom Luka was unable to get her to a hospital in time. The lady begins to have labor contractions, when Matsuri/GoGoV Pink appears. They take a taxi but are suddenly interrupted by a Zangyack attack. Luka and Ahim repel the attack, allowing Matsuri and the lady to get to the hospital. After fighting off the Gormin, Luka and Ahim go to the hospital to check on the lady. There, they learn that they're going to induce the lady's labor and learn Matsuri's identity as GoGoV Pink, who is working as a paramedic. Meanwhile, Matsuri tries to take an injured kid by ambulance to a hospital, but is attacked by the Gormin. Luka and Ahim come to her rescue, just in time to learn that it was Basco who attacked. Basco is after the GoGoV grand power. The ranger keys of Zubaan, Rio, and Mele block the ambulance's path, as Basco demands that Matsuri give up the GoGoV grand power. However, Luka is concerned about the boy's safety and tells Matsuri that she must go with the boy, while Luka talks about her failure to get her little sister to a hospital. Meanwhile, Ahim talks some sense into Luka and tells her that Ahim isn't just someone for Luka to be overprotective towards like a little sister. Luka and Ahim come up with a plan. Ahim uses Magipink's shape changing ability to disguise herself as Matsuri. This allows Matsuri to escape with the boy. Eventually the other Gokaigers join them. They transform into GoGoV sans Gai and defeat the Zubaan, Rio, and Mele ranger keys before Sally takes them back. Basco uses a giant monster, Firenoid Meran as a decoy so he can escape. The Gokaigers earn the GoGoV grand power and use it to defeat Firenoid Meran.

This episode I think was the best out of the bunch. It gave some more detail to Luka's backstory, and gave some small bits of character development for both Luka and Ahim. It showed how overprotective Luka can be of Ahim and also showed Ahim being more than capable of standing up for herself. It also had some nice humorous bits with the drag queen as well as Marvelous and Gai having to help out a tone of old people. My rating for this episode is 8.5/10

Episode 24

Episode 24 was another filler episode but it was still an ok one. This episode revolves around a Zangyack general, Jealoushitto, who's basically been dumped by the Zangyack. A woman stumbles upon him while throwing trash away. Meanwhile, the woman's son notices Jealoushitto trying to take some Takoyaki, and offers Jealoushitto to become his pet. The Gokaigers, who were looking to eat Takoyaki, stumble upon them and watch. Meanwhile, the MOTW Sen-Den, tries to spread propaganda around the planet when he notices Jealoushitto. Seeing the Zangyack attack Jealoushitto, the Gokaigers decide to join the fight. They give a different version of their roll call, that includes Joe doing a badass Clint Eastwood pose above while Don, being the usual butt monkey, gets hit in the nuts. After the fight, they propose that Jealoushitto could work at the Takoyaki stand. However, the guy had to get approval from his mom, who objected, showing prejudice towards aliens. Sen-Den tries to interrupt them but Marvelous tells them to wait because they're having a serious talk. Sen-Den cooperates but tries to blast the woman for treating a member of a Zangyack like garbage. The woman is saved by the Gokaigers. They all run outside. The lady, her son, and Jealoushitto hide in empty barrels. Soon, the woman feeling hot, leaves the barrel she's in and is about to be blasted by Sen-Den when Jealoushitto uses his body to shield her. Jealoushitto then pretends to be dead but really isn't. The Gokaigers go on to defeat Sen-Den. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Jealoushitto and the woman had a shotgun wedding.

This episode was descent. It had its funny moments, as well as its cheesy moments, including some cheesy dialog. Overall, I give it 7.5/10.


  1. "...and learn Matsuri's identity as GoGoV Pink, who is now working as a paramedic."

    Matsuri has been working as a paramedic before the Grand Cross phenomenon took place (basically before Gogo V episode - ehh mission - 1).

  2. Thanks for the correction, but technically both would be correct. "now working as a paramedic" doesn't indicate that she wasn't working as a paramedic before.