Monday, October 17, 2011

My Top 10 Miscellaneous Colored Sentai Warriors

After reading some of Godzilla606's top 10 lists, I decided to start one of my own. This one will be on miscellaneous colored Sentai warriors. By miscellaneous, I mean colors that aren't very common such as violet, maroon, navy, silver, gold, and even orange (though this is debatable). Usually these characters fill in the 6th ranger or extra ranger role.

Note to ChrisX: Hurricaneger spoilers (and spoilers for other shows) ahead.

10. Naoto/Time Fire

I don't like Naoto's attitude that much, but he does work out really well from a story perspective. He adds some spice to Timeranger, and does balance the other Timeranger characters out. While the others have their own problems and are the heroes, Naoto is the anti-hero who has his own ambitions.

9. Swan/Deka Swan

Swan was quite charming as the team mom of Dekaranger, and awesome as Ms. Tech support (although Miki of Gekiranger beats her for tech support characters). I also likied her humorous side, like using a really big needle on Doggie at the end of episode 44.

8. Genta/Shinken Gold

#2 through #8 are really tough choices for me since I love all of these characters. Genta comes in at #8. He's both funny and badass at the same time. IMO he's the funniest character that we've had from Magiranger-Gokaiger.

7. Isamu/Wolzard Fire

Between being the villain Wolzard, being the Magiranger's father, and turning good again, Isamu IMO is the best character on Magiranger. He was badass as a villain, and still awesome once he became good and turned into Wolzard Fire. His story arc was pretty cool as well.

6. Isshu/Kuwaga Raijer

I think Isshu is the weaker of the two Goraijer characters due to overacting a little bit (though he's not horrid), being overreliant on his brother at times, and his relationship with Nanami going nowhere. However, I still think he's an awesome character. He shares the same awesome backstory with Ikkou and his father. I love their development and what they went through. Isshu is the support character, and a very good one at that. His rash yet more sympathetic personality balances out Ikkou's cool yet more stoic and stern personality.

5. Miu/Go-On Silver

Like Isshu, Miu is the supporting character to her more stern, stoic brother Hiroto. She's the nicer of the two Go-On Wings. Like the Goraijers, the Go-On Wings develop from jerkasses to learning to accept the wackier Go-Onger characters (this was rushed a bit at the beginning but was done better as the series progressed). Also like Isshu, Miu becomes overreliant on her older brother, but what I like about Miu is that she learns to not become overly dependent on Hiroto (episode 38).

4. Gou/Geki Violet

Sandwitched in between the two Go-On Wings is Gou, whom IMO is the best of the core 5 Gekiranger characters. He's badass, has a cool backstory involving him becoming a werewolf, and a cool vibe about him. I also liked his development from being the lonewolf to being part of the team, as well as his evolving relationship with his brother Retsu. To me he's Tsukumaru amped up to 11.

3. Hiroto/Go-On Gold

I really liked Hiroto's development as the jerk with a heart of gold. He had to learn to recognize the strength of the Go-Ongers. Initially this was a little rushed but I felt the loose strings were tied more convincingly when he learned in episode 23 that Sousuke's randomness was useful. What I felt really solified his character was the episode with Chibi-Chan (episode 41), which really showed a soft, gentle side to Hiroto.

2. Eiji/Bouken Silver

Eiji is really cool. He's rash, badass, yet quite funny with his extreme herbivore antics. I also loved his backstory that involved the Questers and his parents (especially his mother). It's one of the better storylines in Boukenger. I also liked how he developed to accept the other Boukenger's help to defeat the Questers.

1. Ikkou/Kabuto Raijer

Ikkou is my favorite jerkass character to receive the defrosting the ice queen development. The Goraijer story-arc from villains to jerkass rivals of the Hurricanegers, and finally becoming friends is really well done. What separates Ikkou from Isshu is his storyline with the scorpion, and realizing how much Yousuke and the other Hurricanegers cared about him.

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  1. Great list man. =)

    I really like Naoto. Yeah, he comes off as a jerk, but I really love how deep the character is. And all of his issues are supported by really good background story, making him such a believable character.

    Yay! Swan, Isamu, and Gou! ^__^

    IMO, the Gouraijers are the best part of Hurricaneger (yes, more than Shurikenger). xD