Thursday, October 7, 2010

Agent Abrera, the Evil Crime Lord


Agent Abrera (actual name Rain Seijin Abrera) was the main antagonist in Dekaranger and the only recurring villain in the series. He is voiced by Ryusei Nakao, who's notable for voicing many Dragon Ball Z animes and video games. Agent Abrera's voice can be quite chilling. He's truely an evil, menacing figure that wanted to see crime overrun the earth and the universe. His name is a pun off of the word umbrella. Unlike other Sentai main villains, he did not lead an army and didn't actually lead the alienizers in battle. Instead of the alienizers working for him (like most Sentai monsters working for the main villain), Agent Abrera worked for the alienizers. He provided weapons to the alienizers through the black market. He hid mostly in the shadows until he revealed himself to the Dekarangers in Episode 30 when one alien he hired to do a transport job, instead decided to steal from Abrera. At first, the Dekarangers don't know much about him but they eventually find out that Agent Abrera started intersteller wars that wiped out several galaxies. After a series of failed projects, Abrera became fed up with the Dekarangers and decided to attack their base with an army of Androids and other alienizers. He was successful, demorphing the Deka's and attacked the city using Dekabase Robo. Little did the Deka's know that this was intended as a trap to wipe out the rest of the space police. He put a shield around the earth that would destroy the SPD academy on impact.

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