Monday, October 4, 2010

Ikki Kasumi, Father of the Goraijers.


Ikki Kasumi, the father of the the Goraijers, is perhaps one of the most overlooked and cold blooded villains in Sentai. Perhaps this is due to him appearing sparingly during Hurricanger. He played a role similar to that of Ryuuya of Timeranger and Long of Gekiranger, though he wasn't the main culprit of Hurricanger like the other two were of their series. Ikki was considered such a dangerous man that his own ninja school, the Ikazuchi Ninja School, didn't trust him. While rampaging in Egypt, he discovered a meteor shower. This meteor shower provided a message on how "that" could be born. Ikki trained his sons, Ikkou and Isshu, to fight with emotions such as hate and rage. Years later, Ikkou and Isshu became the Goraijers. The Goraijers were initially as cold blooded as their father. They didn't care what happened to the earth or its people. They saw it as their duty to defeat the Hurricangers and to ensure that "that" was born. This was until they discovered that in order for "that" to be born, the Goraijers had to fight each other until one of them died. This meant that their father could care less if one of his son's died. Ikki cared more about "that" being born and didn't care at all for his son's lives. What exactly was "that"? Towards the end of the series it was revealed that "that" was a massive black hole, powered by an evil force, that was big enough to swallow the entire universe. Though seldom seen in the series, Ikki Kasumi is one of the main culprits of the series and a downright cruel, SOB.


  1. Was he seen "live" at all during the series, or just in flashbacks?

  2. I believe he's seen only in flashbacks although in episode 38 an image of Ikki appears in front of Isshu and they fight. It was almost like Ikki's ghost.

  3. Wow. Really nice analysis here. Good job! =D