Friday, October 22, 2010

MMPR S3 Review


MMPR S3 (1995-96) continued MMPR S1 and S2's story and used footage mostly from Kakuranger, with a touch of Zyu2 and Dairanger footage. This season came off a moderately successful movie (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie) and used a ninja motif. This season starts similar to the movie in that the rangers lose their powers and their zords, and then go on a quest to get new powers and zords. There are a few new characters added to this season, such as Rito Revolto and Master Vile, as well as a new army of foot soldiers, the Tenga Warriors. The rangers also have a powerful ally, Ninjor, who's like the team's 7th ranger. Leaving the show during mid-season was Kimberly because her actress Amy Jo Johnson wanted to pursue other career opportunities. Replacing her was Katherine, a tall, blond Australian girl. This season tends to have mixed reactions, with MMPR old faithful fans still loving this season. Still, this season gets it's criticism for Kimberly's departure, villain decay, having too many multi-part episodes, and for the Alien Ranger arc. This season had the most American footage of any season, and relied less on Sentai footage.

The Good
This seaason still has much of the likable cast that it had the previous two years. Some of the characters that received little development the previous season, like Rocky and Aisha, got some development here. Kimberly's departure was handled perfectly, and is IMO the best story arc during this season. The writing and the acting is also much better in this season than it was in the previous seasons. Also, unlike the second half of S2 that felt more like "Tommy and his sidekicks," the other characters got a fair amount of attention and we saw the rangers working together as a team. The zords are cool, cooler than season 2's zords IMO.

The Bad
This season was the worst of all MMPR seasons in terms of villains. Yes they were the same villains as the previous two seasons, but they suffered massive decay during this season. It had already begun with Lord Zedd and Goldar towards the end of season 2, but this was an entire season of it. Meanwhile, Master Vile is suppose to be "the supreme evil of the universe" but yet he gives up after like what, 7 episodes? Also, this season dropped nearly all the cool music it had in season 1 and 2, although they did keep the extended version of Go Go Power Rangers. The American ranger footage during this season was terrible, and there's lots of it without Sentai footage. While many fans don't like the Alien Ranger arc, I actually liked it better than most of the rest of this season because I hated watching the awful American footage. Also what was awful were the ultrazord combinations using the toy zords.

The Ugly
While Kimberly's departure was well handled, Aisha's departure at the very end of this season was terrible.

My Rating
6/10 (Grade C-). Ok, this season isn't all that bad, but it is a season that bugs me and by far my least favorite season of MMPR.

My Favorite Episodes
Episode 10 (Wizard for a Day)- This one gives Rocky some development and helps him to mature some, when he learns that being a teacher isn't that easy. It's a good life-learning episode.
Episode 11 (Fourth Down and Long)- One of only two episodes in Power Rangers that I can remember involving football. The other one in season 1 is better, but this one is alright.
Episodes 12-13 (Stop the Hate Master)- A descent two-parter that gives Aisha more development than she had in all of season 2.
Episodes 18-20 (Changing of the Zords)- A well written three parter that involves Kimberly losing her powers, being kidnapped, Tommy fighting Lord Zedd one on one and getting owned, and the introduction of the Shogun Zords.
Episode 21 (Follow That Cab)- A filler episode but a good one in which Bulk and Skull actually do some good, by catching a car theif.
Episodes 22-24 (A Different Shade of Pink)- The arc that involves Kimberly's departure, and IMO the best story arc during this season.
Episodes 41-42 (Hogday Afternoon)- While Aisha's send-off during this two parter is terrible, it is a good final battle for the Alien Rangers arc and ends MMPR with the command center completely waisted.


  1. I was pretty much hurt to see Kimberly leave in this season She and Tommy made the show so special. Sadly, the writers had to go as far as writing a dear John letter script.

    1. Your wrong I hate kim she is worst kat is beautiful.

  2. Yeah, it was sad to see Kimberly go, but the way her departure was handled was really well written. The dear John letter was terrible, Kimberly's departure was still handled a lot better than Aisha's at the end of this season.

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  3. Am I the only Team Kat Member here?

  4. I hate kimberly she overacted and ugly.she is worst and I hate to see here with tommy. I only like to see tommy with kat maybe kimberly is good couple with zack and worst with jason and she think she is beautiful.