Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Type of Fan I Am

Sean Akizuki and the Henshin Grid have each made their own posts about the different types of Super Sentai and Power Ranger fans, so I decided to describe myself. As you can guess from this blog, I'm a Power Rangers and a Super Sentai fan. For Power Rangers, I'm mostly a Zordon Era fan, though I still like a good share of PR seasons after the Zordon Era such as Lost Galaxy, Dino Thunder, and RPM. I think other series such as Time Force, Ninja Storm, and SPD are descent as well. As for Sentai, mostly what I've seen are 2000's Sentais, because they're mostly the ones that are subbed. I have however, watched about half of Zyuranger and am in the process of watching Jetman.

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