Monday, October 25, 2010

Patricia Ja Lee in Extreme Challenge

For anyone who's a Cassie fan (Turbo/In Space Pink) she plays the lead female role in Extreme Challenge. It's a Hong Kong film centered around this martial arts competition. She enters the competition and goes pretty far, meanwhile she develops a bit of a romance with one of the other main fighters. I own the movie. The version I have isn't that good. It is dubbed in English by completely different actors, which doesn't make much sense because virtually all the actors in the movie are English speakers. You can tell because it is clearly not Patricia Ja Lee's voice. The voice dubbing is also terrible, and doesn't match the emotions displayed by the actors. Yes, I've made it clear before that I hate listening to dubbing, however, this is the worst dubbing I've ever heard. Not because of inaccurate translation, which is actually pretty good, but because of terrible voice acting. However, there are two plus sides to watching it. One it has Patricia Ja Lee in it. The other is it has some awesome fight scenes that are well choreographed, as you can see above. So despite the terrible English dubbing that wasn't needed, if you're a big fan of Cassie I recommend checking it out.

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