Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 17 Review


Episode 17 introduces Gai Ikari as Gokai Silver. The episode starts out with Navi giving his prophecy, which was finding something or someone "sugoi in silver." This turned out to be Gai, who the others dismissed initially (although Luka found him to be cute). However, he transforms into Gokai Silver much to everyone's surprise and takes out the Gormin. Later, he's able to defeat the MOTW, and the other Gokaigers start questioning Gai at the end of the episode.

This episode reminds me a lot of Genta's debut in Shinkenger. Of course, personality wise Gai is a lot like Genta, hyper and flashy. He's also a wannabee Super Sentai senshi, like Genta was kinda a wannabee samurai, although Genta had a deep friendship with Takeru. I thought Gai kicked ass in his fight scenes and I love the Gokai Silver suit. However, there were two issues I had with this episode. The brief second in which Gai was fantasizing about being a Gokaiger, everyone's personality except for Ahim changed which kinda annoyed me, but this was a minor issue. The real big issue I had was with Gokai Silver's long, drawn out, and over the top roll call. I mean seriously, Gai's roll call is longer than any of the Gekirangers', which is saying something. It really doesn't fit with this show especially when the others have such a short and straight to the point roll call. I hope this was just a one time thing because I don't want to see Gai's roll call stealing the show every episode. About the character himself, I felt for this episode Gai was alright. It's only one episode and there's a long way to go before I can judge his character. I am, however, really interested in seeing the next episode with him obtaining the Zyuranger, Abaranger, and Timeranger grand powers. That will be interesting to see. Overall, I thought the episode was ok, so I give it 7/10. I'm just more interested to see what will happen next.


  1. The fantasizing of Gokaiger is actually one of the funny things of this episode, IMO. Once again Don gets the Butt Monkey treatment that he's replaced by Gai. Also, the roll call... yeah, could be problematic, but maybe they'll fix it later.

    Also did they say the next episode is two weeks after this?

    Also... I took two sips for Toilet Gil's antics in this episode, first is when he berated the MOTW with "STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!" and later when he fainted when his plan was foiled.

  2. yeah the fantasizing of the gokaigers were hilarious. his fantasies of marvelousm, joe & luka had me laughing for a while. the roll call was kinda overdone. hopefully its a one time time.its also funny how don is always treated as a joke.

    gais too much like genta 4 me. genta was awesome in shinkenger but since we already have genta, gai seems unoriginal. i hope he gets more development later on. i agree this is not the best episode but overall a decent ep.

    its a shame the next ep isnt 4 another 2 weeks as that ep looks really promising.