Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 18 Review


Episode 18 picks up where episode 17 left off. The Gokaigers question Gai about where he got his powers and what he knows about the grand powers. Gai reveals that he got three grand powers, from Abaranger, Timeranger, and Zyuranger. This happened after he saved a kid and was hospitalized after being hit by a truck. Here, Gai has a near-death experience, and goes to the afterworld. He meets three dead sentai warriors, Abarekiller, Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger. Seeing his bravery, they give Gai a Gokai changer and ranger key, while giving him their grand powers. However, Marvelous tells Gai that he must prove his worth before he acknowledge him as a member of the team. He does this by fighting the Gorming and the MOTW without his powers, but is overwhelmed before being saved by the Gokaigers. here, Marvelous gives him his Gokai changer back. They transform, defeat the Gormin, than transform into Shinkengers (while mistaking gold rangers in the process). Later they transform into an entire team of silver rangers. After defeating the MOTW the first time, Gai is given the ranger keys for Abarekiller, Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger to unlock their powers. Gokai Silver's mecha comes from the future, and transforms into three different forms. All of which from each of the different powers. Gai defeats the MOTW after combining all of their powers.

This episode was awesome. One of the best of the season so far. I was kinda on the fence about the first episode of this two-parter, but this one was everything I hoped for. Good story, Gai shows his worth, and more awesome fights. They also thankfully toned down Gai's rollcall, which I felt was too long and cheesy in episode 17. It was also this episode that dawned on me that not only are Abarekiller, Time Fire, and Dragon Ranger all dead, but they all had dinosaur based powers. My only complaint about the episode is that I was hoping the Timeranger's version of Gai's mecha looked more like V-Rex, which IMO is one of the more awesome Sentai mechas ever. Despite that I really loved the episode. I give it 9/10.

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  1. I loved the part where Gai asked for ShinkenGold but was given KingRanger. Things should get a lot more interesting now that the Gokaigers have someone who knows about Sentai on their team.