Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Disney Failed with Power Rangers

I remember recently the Henshin Grid had a pole on why Disney failed with Power Rangers. Most people, along with myself, voted for incompetence. There were a number of things that Disney screwed up on with power rangers, such as the kiddy special effects, and having Bruce Kalish as the main story writer from SPD to Jungle Fury. However, not mentioned in the poll and what I would point to as the main reason would be laziness. Disney is a multi-billion dollar company and is the largest entertainment corporation in the world. They've created many classic movies and cartoon characters. If Disney really wanted Power Rangers to succeed they could have done it. We saw it when Disney originally took over the series. Some of Disney's earlier PR incarnations were actually pretty good (Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder were both good series, while SPD was ok). RPM was pretty good as well, even though the tv ratings were low. But by the time RPM came around, Disney was just looking for an excuse to get out of doing Power Rangers. TOEI and the PR fandom had highly objected to an animated series, and Disney didn't want to spend the money it needed to on Power Rangers.

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