Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Top 5 Pink Power Rangers

Now it's time for my next top 5 list, my top 5 Pink Power Rangers :)

Honorable Mentions- Karone (Lost Galaxy), Rose (Operation Overdrive)

5. Kendrix (Lost Galaxy)


Kendrix to me was ok, but there's not really a lot of other options for Pink Rangers since its not a constant color like yellow, red, and blue are. She was smart and the level-headed ranger in Lost Galaxy. She deserves this spot over Karone and Rose from Overdrive for one reason, sacrificing her life to save another ranger.

4. Kat (MMPR-Turbo)


Kat originally was literally a cat and had an evil spell on her. When she was first introduced it seemed kinda like a recycled Green Ranger arc. Eventually the spell wore off and she replaced Kimberly as the Pink Ranger. Unlike Kimberly she wasn't a stereotypical valley girl. She was of Australian descent as was her actress (Catherine Sutherland).

3. Kimberly (MMPR)


Kimberly, although somewhat overrated, was still pretty cool. She was beautiful, nice, lovely, athletic, and just about everything you would want from a pink ranger.

2. Jen (Time Force)


Jen was a real badass. She's tough as nails, ultra-serious, and would kick anybody's ass that got in her way or pissed her off. If you messed with her you would be sorry. She was also the second female leader in Power Rangers and the only Pink Ranger in Power Rangers history. Nine years later there hasn't been a female leader (except if you count Charlie from the A-Squad rangers in SPD who were rarely present) since Jen.

1. Cassie (Turbo-In Space)


Cassie to me was super-cool. Like Jen she was tough as nails and wasn't afraid to stand up for herself against anyone or for anyone, including against the other rangers and even for monsters that were nice. She's beautiful, level-headed, carring, gentle-natured, yet if you pissed her off you would be sorry by the end of the day. She reminds me A LOT of Jasmine from Dekaranger.


  1. Jen reminded me of Mai/Change Phoenix in Changeman in terms of personality. However Jen was a little more feminine. As for Cassie, she reminds me of Maskman's Momoko/Pink Mask.

  2. I hate amy jo Johnson she is stupid ugly and over acted she thinks she is beautiful I like catherine Sutherland , christina masterson and erin cahill.