Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer (RPM Yellow) and Ran (Gekiyellow) comparison.



A lot of people seem to compare Summer from Power Rangers RPM to her Sentai counterpart, Saki of Go-Onger. It is indeed common for Power Ranger characters to be modeled and at times complete carbon copies of their Sentai counterparts. When they're not based on their Sentai counterparts, they're often based on either teenage stereotypes or on their actor's/actress' characteristics (for example, Kimberly's actress, Amy Jo Johnson was a gymnist and Zack's character Walter Jones was a good dancer). While there are some similarities between Summer and Saki (both being kind and welcoming to newcomers) the similarities really end there, as Summer is a very serious character and Saki is not. To me, it seems that Summer is based on a previous Sentai character, Ran (Gekiyellow). Like Ran, Summer is a very skilled martial artists, and both come from a rich family. Their respective parents both let them join their respective teams (for Summer to become a Power Ranger, and Ran joining SCRTC which became Gekirangers) in turn for both to get married later. Also, each of their respective parents wanted to arrange the marraige in which both Summer and Ran highly objected to. And they're both yellow rangers.

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  1. Nice analysis. Way to think out of the box Mr. Smith! ;)