Monday, September 6, 2010

MMPR S2 Review


MMPR S2 (1993-94) continued S1's story and used leftover footage of Zyu2 as well as zord footage from Dairanger. This season introduced a new villain, Lord Zedd, who took over Rita's spot as the main villain. This season also had new zords, as mentioned above from the Dairanger series, known as the Thunder Zords. The season also continued some story arcs from season 1, such as the Green Ranger's limited power supply slowly being drained because of the Green Candle's effects. Interestingly, during the two part episode Green No More, with Tommy's green ranger powers drained, Lord Zedd used its powers to create the dark rangers. Original plans involved the dark rangers wearing the dairanger costumes and supposedly fighting either the rangers or destroying Angel Grove, but this was scratched. After Tommy's Green Ranger powers ran out, he was later recast to play as the White Ranger, which was rumored to be Brad Hawkins (VR Troopers actor) instead. Eventually, Austin St. John, Thuy Trang, and Walter Jones left the set reportedly due to lack of pay, and the series went through a significant cast change. As Jason, Trini, and Zack were written out, new actors, Steven Cardenas, Johny Young Bosch, and Karen Ashley were cast to play as Rocky, Adam, and Aisha who became the replacements. Towards the end of the season, Lord Zedd was toned down significantly due to parental complaints that he was "too scary." Among the fandom, this season has mixed reactions. On one hand, Lord Zedd is highly praised as being one of the best villains ever in the series history, and Tommy's return as the white ranger is also well praised. The music present during this season and the last half of season 1, is also widely praised, as well as the extended version of Go Go Power Rangers that debuted during this season. On the other hand, the season is ridiculed at times for the splicing of footage (particularly in the first half with the Dairanger mecha fighting the Zyu2 monsters), the cast change and lack of development of the new cast, Tommy getting too much focus and too cocky (I agree with the former but disagree with the latter), and the villain decay that Goldar and later Lord Zedd would receive. Though some fans argue that after the villain decay of Lord Zedd, he accomplished more, particularly in season 3.

The Good
The first half of this season is really better than season 1. It was much darker, with a much more fearsome villain, Lord Zedd. The green ranger's powers were being drained to nothing and were planned to be used for the destruction of earth. In the beginning of the season, we see that much of the cast had matured dramatically, in particularly Billy who was initially a big nerd had become a muscular and very capable fighter. Tommy's return as the white ranger was a bit of a surprise and made the show more interesting. The music during this season (some of which was introduced in the later half of season 1) was a big improvement from season 1, and imo still the best ever in the franchise history. But then, came the cast change...

The Bad
This season had so much potential that didn't go anywhere. Seeing the Dark Rangers would have been interesting to see. While Adam was given a couple good character development episodes (particularly Goldar's Vice Versa), Rocky and Aisha lacked development and personality during this season. The writers weren't yet comfortable with the new cast, and ended up giving Tommy a little too much power. Then there's the villain decay that Goldar starts receiving with Green No More when an unmorphed Tommy thoroughly kick's his ass, and later in the season Lord Zedd is toned down.

The Ugly
Many talk about the splicing of the footage being bad during this season, but for me the worst part is the American footage used during this season and season 3. It just couldn't live up to the big explosions or the intense battles of the Sentai footage.

My Rating
7.5/10 (Grade B-)- This season had a good start to it, but the last half of the season didn't do it justice. Still, a descent season.

My Favorite Episodes
Episodes 1-3 (The Mutiny)- This arc introduces Lord Zedd and the Thunder Zords, and it was a very good introduction for Lord Zedd.
Episode 6 (Bloom of Doom)- This episode gave some good depth to the Trini-Kimberly friendship.
Episode 11 (The Song of Guitardo)- This episode helped to strengthen Tommy and Kimberly's relationship, and also the inevitability that Tommy's Green Ranger powers are about to run out.
Episodes 12-13 (Green No More)- The Green Ranger powers finally drain away, which ended some good drama. The best part is that Tommy discovers he doesn't need the powers, just to be himself, and he kicks the crap out of Goldar while he's unmorphed.
Episode 15 (Missing Green)- Gives some character development for Jason, who's down about Tommy losing his green ranger powers.
Episode 16 (Beauty and the Beast)- A filler episode, but a funny one when Goldar tries to turn Kimberly into a replacement for Rita.
Episode 17-18 (White Light)- Tommy is given the White Ranger powers, and it was given a little bit of mystery as to who he was early in the episode.
Episodes 22-24 (The Ninja Encounter)- Introduces Rocky, Adam, and Aisha, and gives them a pretty good introduction. However, not much positives would come for these three for the rest of the series.
Episode 29 (Goldar's Vice Versa)- The only time we get to see Scorpina in the entire season. This episode also gave a little bit of development for Adam.
Episode 31 (When is a Ranger Not a Ranger)- This episode actually gave Bulk and Skull some development. It showed that they were more than one dimensional characters, when they saved the rangers.


  1. I personally had a really bad experience with this season. There were definitely some cool things, no doubt about that. But most of the season was just terrible imo. I thought season 1 and 3 were better. Overall, I think it's an okay season. But it's on the brink of being downright terrible for me.

  2. I liked season 1 a lot, its still one of my favorites. I don't really like season 3 that much. There were some cool things about season 3, but when I was a kid I was glad when Zeo came around because MMPR S3 was a let down for me at the time.

  3. The New cast created such a tonal shift it truly palpable and not for the better. The Scatterbrain vs Bulk & Skull showdown was definitely a crowning moment of Awesome for the duo and wouldn't be matched until they Spartacus in Countdown to Destruction.