Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Psychic Lover, Sentai's Crowning Music of Awesome

What Linkara describes in his History of Power Rangers as the "Ron Wasserman Factor," is the ability to make the most boring show watchable (or a good show even better) because of awesome music. I'll talk about Ron Wasserman later on this week, but first I'd like to talk about Sentai's own awesome band, Psychic Lover. Psychic Lover composed several songs on the Dekaranger soundtrack, including the Dekaranger theme song, Dekaranger Action, and Swat On Dekaranger. Part of the reason why I love Dekaranger is the music, and for me, music plays a big part in how much I like a particular series. However, Psychic Lover didn't limit themselves to just the Dekaranger series, they also composed the Boukenger ending theme (Adventures on the Road) and the Shinkenger opening theme song as well, both of which are just as awesome as the songs they contributed to the Dekaranger soundtrack. Psychic Lover has also composed songs for the Transformers and the Yu-Gi-Oh series as well.

Here's an interview with Psychic Lover on Rangercast. Interview takes place at 41:19

And some of Psychic Lover's Sentai work.

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