Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top 10 Worst Moves During Power Rangers History

Despite many good moments, Power Rangers has had its share of bad moments. Here's my list of the worst moves during PR's history.

10. Aisha's Departure at the end of MMPR- Admittedly, I don't care much for Aisha, but her departure from the show was so poorly handled. When Kimberly left she had a nine episode story arc that was so well written. When Aisha left, it took her but 1 or 2 crappy episodes to write her off.

9. MMPR Villain Decay- One of the reasons why I don't like MMPR S3 that well is because of the villain decay that Lord Zedd and Goldar received. It had already started during season two but we got an entire season of it during season three. Parents complained to Fox that Lord Zedd was too scary. He's a villain, he's suppose to be scary. Though some people will argue that Lord Zedd and Rita did more after the villain decay, I would still argue that they still shouldn't have toned down Lord Zedd, and Goldar who became a joke.

8. The Dear John Letter- As much as I like Zeo, the Dear John Letter sent by Kimberly and the subsequent relationship between Kat and Tommy was the low point of the series. Many fans felt that this relationship was forced upon them as the writers were trying to replace Kimberly.

7. Wild Force Acting- It's already bad enough that Wild Force is basically Gaoranger's clone, but what's worst is the acting. This series had some of the worst acting ever for a Power Rangers series, as well as a douche bag that played the red ranger (Ricardo Medina).

6. The Omega Ranger CGI Ball of Light- This one I blame more on Disney than Bruce Kalish. Disney refused to give Power Rangers the budget it needed to hire a full-time actor to play the Omega Ranger. What happened instead? The Omega Ranger was a lame CGI ball of light. This is where SPD really falls apart.

5. Disney's handling of RPM- Speaking of executive meddling from Disney, what was worst was the way Disney handled RPM. Despite being an awesome show, RPM had some of the worst ratings ever for a PR season. Why? Because Disney moved RPM from Toon Disney to ABC, and gave it a terrible time slot on Saturday mornings where it would air in some parts of the country at 5 in the morning and other parts would be subject to ABC's college football broadcast. On top of that, there was poor advertisement and didn't even air in some cities.

4. Bruce Kalish- Bruce Kalish started out strong with the first 1/3rd of SPD, then everything fell apart. What's worst were the following seasons, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, and Jungle Fury. All of these seasons had terrible writing, lacked dialog, overuse of explosions, as well as some bad acting. No wonder why so many fans call this PR's "dork age."

3. The first cast change during Turbo- It was already a dumb idea to replace Rocky with Justin, a kid, but don't forget what else was included in this early cast change. Replacing Zordon and Alpha 5 with Dimitria and Alpha 6. Dimitria and Alpha 6 were as annoying as hell. No wonder why Turbo became such a ratings bomb and nearly killed the franchise.

2. Operation Overdrive- This season is just simply, awful. It had the whole package to make it a terrible season. Bad writing, bad acting, bad dialog, and a terrible cast. It's hard to imagine anything that can be worst, until we see what makes #1 on my list...

1. MMPR S1 Remastered- As bad as Operation Overdrive was, MMPR S1 remastered was worst. Disney completely butchered MMPR S1 (my childhood favorite). The comic book strips and the terrible special effects added, all for Disney to make a cheap buck off of MMPR and not have to produce another Power Rangers season. Thankfully Saban is back at the helm.


  1. LOL. This was lots of fun to read. Good job man! xD

  2. The Dear John letter was totally stupid. I mean, even if Amy Jo Johnson wasn't returning, they could have at least kept the relationship at a long distance with Tommy thinking of Kimberly (they were fun to watch) plus Catherine is Catherine, Kimberly is Kimberly. I felt like there was little chemistry between Catherine and Tommy as a couple though they did well as teammates.

  3. I totally agree with Operation Overdrive sucking. That Blue Ranger is probably the worst actor to ever appear in PR (and that's saying something).

    The only thing I liked about the show was the "Once a Ranger" episode, because Adam returns.

  4. Ricardo Medina, sad to know he was a douche bag because I liked Cole Evans as a ranger. Well as they say, looks can be deceiving and Ricardo Medina is a testimony of that. He may be handsome and muscular but he's one big arrogant, vain jerk.

  5. I agree whole-heartedly. I think RPM was a cool concept. I like the post apocalyptic feel but It didnt air in AR. I watched it on netflix! They have every season including aliens and mmpr1 remastered (totally horrible)! I think with Sagan at the helm we can rock out like we did in the 90s, but I don't want samurai to last a while! I really like the upcoming ranger and pirate themes! And the legacy of war! Fingers crossed that makes an appearance!