Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Power Rangers Samurai confirmed as the 2011 title.



The 2011 Power Rangers season that will be adapting Shinkenger now has a confirmed title, Power Rangers Samurai. This isn't much of a surprise really. Being a samurai themed PR season, it was pretty obvious that the word "samurai" would be in the title somewhere. Thankfully, instead of making a corny title, it's more simplistic and straight to the point.

There's also been some changes such as the character's names. The red ranger, Reese, will be Jayden. Baron, the blue ranger, has changed to Kevin. Parry, the green ranger, is now Mike. Sadie, the pink ranger, is now Mia. Finally, Ava, the Yellow Ranger, is Emily. Also, it has been revealed that Power Rangers Samurai will be two years long. As mentioned on the Henshin Grid, this could go a number of ways. It could be like MMPR, in which Power Rangers Samurai keeps the costumes in the second season and use the zords from Goseiger, although it wouldn't make much since for a green ranger to have a black zord. At least back in MMPR S2, the Lion Thunderzord had shades of black in it and in MMPR S3 the Crane Ninja Zord had shades of Pink. Another scenario would be they split up the 40 episodes into two 20 episode seasons, like Saban did with Masked Rider. The other possibility is for the second season, Saban will adapt the rumored Shinkenger miniseries, which is rumored to begin next year.

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