Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 3 and PR Samurai Episode 4 Reviews

I usually won't be doing episode reviews of both Power Rangers and Sentai together but since I've barely saw both episodes within the last couple of days today will be an exception. Instead of making two separate post, I decided to write reviews on both at once, starting with the Gokaiger Episode.

Gokaiger Episode 3

Note: Pics from Super Sentai Images

Gokaiger episode 3 was a character focus episode for Don Dogoier (Gokai Green). I don't know if that's his full name or first name, but since Don is a respectul term in Spanish like "Mr." in English or "San" in Japanese, I'll refer to him by the whole name. Don Dogoier reminds me a lot of Sion (Time Green). Besides the similar hair style, he has a sort of childish innocence about himself that Sion had. Kai/MagiRed is the guest star for this episode. In this episode Don Dogoier suffers from a lack of courage and/or bravery. Kai puts him and Captain Marvelous to the test, and when Don Dogoier recognizes that Captain Marvelous was in danger, Don Dogoier gathers enough courage to save his friend. With his new courage, Don Dogoier and the Gokaigers can fully utilize the Magiranger powers. Kai's part in this episode was a stroke of genius since the Magirangers powers were based off of courage and he helps Don Dogoier gather his courage.

Power Rangers Samurai episode 4
Note: Image from Henshin Grid

Episode 4 (Sticks and Stones) of Power Rangers Samurai is the best episode so far. Partly because it takes from one of the best episodes of Shinkenger (episode 6), which centered around Kotoha, but also there were some definite improvements in the episode. For starters, Bulk and Spike were finally a little bit more involved in the episode's plot and had a run-in with the MOTW. After being turned away the first time, they went back to fight him again only to discover that the MOTW was already fighting the Samurai rangers. The acting from most of the characters was better than it was during the first three episodes and even the child actor that played little Emily was actually pretty good, a rarity for child actors on Power Rangers. However, Brittany Pirtle's acting still felt quite awkward. I think she would be better fit for a tomboyish character than the character she has. Back in Time Force, another Sentai carbon copy series, Erin Cahill's acting ability convinced me that Jen was just as tough if not tougher than Yuuri (Time Pink). Here, Emily just does not convince me that she's Kotoha, just as Mia doesn't convince me that she's Mako, and Jayden doesn't convince me that he's Takeru. Other than that, I felt this episode was actually pretty good, one of the better so far.

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