Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Thoughts on Gokaiger



Sorry for the delay for my Gokaiger reviews. They're going to come slower than my PR Samurai reviews partly because I'm busy with school work and coaching basketball, but also because I'm waiting on the subs to come out so I don't have to worry about guessing the dialog. I've seen the first two episodes so far, and I've got to say I'm really impressed. The action and the fight scenes were awesome. It's also awesome that the Gokaigers can change into any Sentai warrior and that past heroes can and will appear in the show. I can't wait until episode 5 to come out so we can see the Dekarangers. From the story perspective (the Legendary War, AkaRed giving Captain Marvelous all the Sentai powers and appearing to die), it looks like Gokaiger could be rather dark. I admit I was skeptical about the pirate motif initially but I now I actually like the idea of space pirates. We haven't got a lot of background on the characters yet except for Captain Marvelous, but it's understandable after only two episodes. However, I will say that so far their acting is much better than Power Rangers Samurai and that the character's personalities are much more fun and energetic than the rather bland and boring Goseiger characters. This season has some potential. I'll give episode reviews starting with episode 3.

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