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Gokaiger Episode 4 & 5 Review

I'd like to apologize for taking so long to get to Gokaiger episode 4 before making a review. I had so many things going on at once, including a research paper and finals, not to mention the earthquake and tsunami distraction.

Note: Images from Super Sentai Images
Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Gokaiger Episode 4- What are Friends For?

Episode 4 I think is the best Gokaiger episode so far. It was a character development for Joe and Ahim. Initially out grocery shopping, Joe and Ahim are attacked by the MOTW, Zodomas. After Zodomas and Joe fight one on one, Zodomas challenges Joe to a one on one sword fight dual. Joe accepts, much to Ahim's dismay, who argues that friends should take on Zodomas together, but Joe refuses to listen. Joe, despite being injured, practices in order to fend off Zodomas' special attack. Later, Luka consuls Ahim and tells her that Joe probably practices hard for the guy who taught him how to sword-fight. It is suggested that something tragic happened to him (probably death), and it's a painful memory for Joe. Before the dual, Ahim loans Joe her sword to battle Zodomas. Joe goes to fight Zodomas with Ahim watching in the distance, but Zodomas tricks Joe and sends the Sugormin to fight Joe. Angered, Ahim transforms to help. Soon enough, the rest of the Gokaigers arrive to fight off the Sugormin while Joe duals with Zodomas. Joe is able to fight off Zodomas' first special attack, but Zodomas was given an upgrade to his attack in which Joe isn't able to fight it off. However, the rest of the Gokaigers give Joe their swords, and he is able to fight off Zodomas' attacks. Of course Zodomas grows large. The Gokaigers then summon GokaiOh and defeat Zodomas. This episode showed the bondage of friendship as well as learning when to take a step back and trying to understand others. This episode reveals that Ahim is well meaning and sometimes a worry rat, she's rather innocent and doesn't understand others emotions at times. Joe has some potential to be a really interesting character. It will be interesting to see how the story with him and his former sword master unfolds.

Gokaiger Episode 5- Judgement Pirates

Episode 5 starts out with Luka stating that their bounties had been raised by the Zangyack. Then Captain Marvelous asks Navi where the Gokaigers can find some treasure. Navi responds by telling them to ask the local police. The Gokaigers then go to the police station, with Captain Marvelous walking in alone. This is where Jasmine/Deka Yellow shows up, and attempts to arrest Captain Marvelous for piracy. Marvelous then questions Jasmine if the Space Police had begun working for the Zangyack, which Jasmine denies. The other Gokaigers walk into the station and then run. Meanwhile Marvelous escapes Jasmine's grasp while being handcuff, but is soon caught by Doggie Krugar. Meanwhile Doggie and Marvelous stumble onto the Zangyack who are about to launch a handful of city destroying missles. Here a fight breaks out between the Zangyack and Doggie & Marvelous. Doggie & Marvelous narrowly escape after Doggie is wounded from a gun shot. Marvelous then pleads with Doggie to take off the handcuffs but Doggie refuses. He tells Marvelous that he can run but he'll find him eventually, but for now Doggie is going after the missiles to destroy them. As Doggie walks away, Marvelous notices that Doggie is bleeding. Doggie is caught by the MOTW, Bravd0, who nearly finishes Doggie before Marvelous saves him. Meanwhile, the other Gokaigers are searching for Marvelous but are intercepted by the Zangyack. Then Doggie asks Marvelous why he saved him and Marvelous tells him it was to repay his debt for Doggie saving him, and also to protect his pride. Doggie then uncuffs Marvelous and gives him his morpher back, and tells Marvelous that he doesn't trust pirates but he trusts his pride. Marvelous then tracks down Bravdo and destroys the launching device for the missles. The other Gokaigers arrive and the five transform into Dekarangers, defeating Bravdo easily. After Bravdo grows large, Doggie tells the Gokaigers that they can now use the Dekaranger powers to their full potential. The Gokaigers then use the Dekaranger powers to form Deka GokaiOh, and Patrol Striker launches from GokaiOh, evading Bravdo's attacks before landing some shots on Bravdo. The Gokaigers then defeat Bravdo with the heavy artillery. Later, a bunch of policemen are about to arrest the Gokaigers before Ban/DekaRed suddenly appears. Ban then announces that the Gokaiger's accused acts of piracy were lies spread by the Zangyack. He then helps a wounded Doggie and tells the Gokaigers not to disgrace their powers because he isn't as forgiving as Doggie. The episode ends with Marvelous telling Ban to complain anytime he wished.

This episode personally, I felt was a bit disappointing but still good. Mainly what I was disappointed in was that Jasmine and Ban had such short screen time in the episode. Especially Ban, who hardly felt relevant to the episode's plot. Doggie and Kai/MagiRed in episode 3 both had more screentime than Jasmine and Ban did. Ban is much more mature, as he was in Magiranger vs Dekaranger. While many others like the more mature Ban, I think it really dumbs down his badass and inspirational personality that I felt was really cool during Dekaranger. Other than that, the episode was what you expect from Gokaiger episodes. Awesome fight scenes. When the Gokaigers transform into other Sentai heroes, they mimic their fighting styles perfectly. For example, Luka was able to master Kanzu/KirinRanger's drunkin fist fight style, while Ahim mastered Umeko/DekaPink's sword fighting style. It was also awesome to hear the instrumental version of the Dekaranger theme song in this episode. The mecha fight was also awesome, and as much as I hate CGI at times, I have to admit the CGI in Gokaiger has been nearly perfect so far.

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  1. Lol, did you take those pictures from my blog. I'm flattered. My theory about Joe's teacher: you know that guy Barizorg, who says "Yes boss," in English. He might have been connected with Joe. It also helps that his (Barizorg's) actor does onscreen work as well, and his acted in tokusatsu shows. Hintity hint hint. Barizorg might have been Joe's teacher.