Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poll Results, New Polls

Favorite Power Rangers Season

Voters were allowed to make multiple picks. Of 177 votes, Power Rangers In Space came out first with 77 votes. RPM was second with 71 votes, MMPR S1 had 68 votes, and Time Force came in at a distant 4th with 50 votes. The lowest number of votes not surprisingly, is Operation Overdrive with just 14 votes.

Favorite 2000's Sentai Series

On my polls I include a single decade starting from year "0" to year "9," which is why Timeranger is on the 2000's poll which aired in 2000. If you're wondering why Goseiger is also on this poll, it's because we haven't had a full 2010's decade yet. As with the Power Rangers poll, voters were allowed to make multiple picks.

Not surprisingly, Shinkenger won by a wide margin with 70 votes. Timeranger came in second with 41 votes, Boukenger and Dekaranger both received 38 votes, Gekiranger received 36 votes, Magiranger 35, and Hurricanger 33. The lowest number of votes, somewhat surprisingly, is Gaoranger with only 22 votes.

March's monthly polls will be a pair of Sentai polls. Favorite 70's/80's Sentai and favorite 90's Sentai.

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