Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crowning moment of Funny- Boukenger, Natsuki's Rampage

Earlier, ChrisX talked about an absolutely hilarious episode of Boukenger involving Satoru's bad luck. That is no doubt the most hilarious episode in Boukenger and one of the funniest moments ever in Sentai. It reminded me of another hilarious Boukenger moment that comes a very close second, episode 24 which involves "Natsuki's Rampage." The episode involved Natsuki searching for treasure for a boy on her own, much to Masumi's dismay. Meanwhile, the Boukengers were attacked by an illusion of Karths, the Jaryuu Tribe, and Dark Shadow created by a precious. Natsuki then launches DaiBouken to dig up her treasure. When she's done, she comes to the Boukengers rescue to defeat the illusionary karths, Jaryuu tribe, and Dark Shadow, in Ultimate DaiBouken to squash everything (including her friends in the mix of the battle) like bugs. I found a youtube video of the incident, and all I have to say is: there is no kill like overkill!!!


  1. I'll betcha Makino take Natsuki quite the tongue-lashing after this incident, and Mr. Voice barred Natsuki from driving any giant robot by herself ever again!

  2. OMG, I completely forgot about this scene! Instant classic! xD