Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goseiger vs Shinkenger Review

Note: Image from Super Sentai Images

Yesterday a subbed version of Goseiger vs Shinkenger finally came out. I've watched it twice, once last night and then again today. I'm kinda mixed about the team-up. There were a lot of cool things about it on one hand, while on the other there were a few things that got on my nerves. I'll give some pros and cons about the team-up.

* The action was pretty good, although not as good as the Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger team-up.
* There's some pretty good interaction between the teams, including them training together to perfect the Tensou and Mojikara as one unit. It really reminded me what I liked in Geki vs. Go-On when the teams trained together to save the Engines.
* Evil ShinkenRed was pretty cool and badass.
* The Gokaiger appearance was awesome, just like most Gokaiger fight scenes.
* The usually bland and boring Goseiger characters showed more personality in this team-up than they did in an entire season of Goseiger. However, this did have some other undesirable consequences that I'll discuss below.
* The ending, with the Goseigers imagining Alata as their "lord" like Takeru was actually pretty funny.

* Nearly the entire first 15 minutes of the show. Besides the brief introduction of Takeru and Alata meeting each other, the first 15 minutes is filled with corny humor (like the Goseigers imitate samurais), and characters from both teams were annoying, particularly Eri, Moune, and Ryuunosuke, who aren't nearly as annoying in their respective series as they are here.
* The Gosei girls, Eri and Moune being star-struck by the Shinkengers was a little bit over the top.
* Ground Hyper Gosei Great was god awful to look at. Previous series have had their mecha overload problems, but this one was the worst. What's worst was that nearly every single component of it was a giant head.
* Kaoru not transforming into ShinkenRed was a bit of a disappointment, however I was happy that she at least got a role in the movie that was relevant to its plot.
* The GUIS subs are over-translated. They're not bad subs, but I think GUIS translated it so much that it lost its Japanese feel. For example, I think it suits the show better for the subs to say "Gedoshu" instead of "the Fallen" or "Takki-Chan" instead of just "Takki."

Despite the mix of good and bad, I actually did find the team-up somewhat enjoyable. Definitely not my favorite, but not the worst either. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10.


  1. I do agree with the review for the most part, but the one thing I disagree with you on is Eri, even though I think Goseiger is decent, I found Eri to be annoying at points of the season, not as annoying as the kid, Nozumu, but she has gotten on my nerves occasionally.

  2. I watched the movie, and I think the beginning humor didn't make me cringe. It was acceptable to me, Ryuunosuke was just being Ryuunosuke the hyperactive and overbearing retainer. But maybe it's just me, though.

    But I agree about whatever mech they flipped out...

  3. I agree that Ryuunosuke is often hyperactive and overbearing, but here what annoyed me was he was such a jerkass. Still, I like Ryuunosuke and it's only a single movie. It's not going to change my opinion about him.

  4. is it really fair to add how the subbers subbed it as a fault? I mean it isnt the specials fault