Monday, April 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 7 (Nikiniki Kempo Lesson) Review

Note: Photos are from Sean Akizuki's Super Sentai Blog and That Toku Blog

Warning: Spoilers Ahead


This episode starts out with Navi giving her usual prophicy of where to find treasure. Her prophicy is "the Tiger's child." The Gokaigers split up to look for the tiger's child. Marvelous looks in a zoo with a tiger present, meanwhile Ahim and Don find a mascot tiger, with a child suddenly running up to it, which they confused for its child. Joe and Luka look in a store, where one of the store's clerks dresses Joe in ridiculous leopard skin apparel which was pretty funny. Then they find a cat, confusing it for the tiger's child. The cat is really fond of Navi, much to her dismay. The Gokaigers then bring the cat back to Earth, and find the MOTW, Pachacamac, attacking the city. The Gokaigers transform and try to fight him off, but Pachacamac, using a magnet kempo, takes their weapons away and thoroughly defeat Don and Ahim. The others transform into Gaorangers and fend off Pachacamac, for now. Don and Ahim, feeling they slowed their team down, stumble upon Jan/GekiRed teaching a bunch of students GekiJyuKen. Ahim is anxious to learn after previously seeing Joe succeed with training. On the other hand, Don thinks its impossible and refuses to work with Ahim. Later that night, Don is outside on the ship where Luka spots several shooting stars, and tells Don that spotting shooting stars every night is what made her eyes so sharp. Later, Don stumbles upon a weight bracelet that Marvelous usually wears while practicing dart throwing. Don tries with the weight bracelet, but it is too heavy and he is only able to throw the dart a few inches. The next day, Don realizes he needs more practice and joins Ahim with Jan's training. However, they're interrupted and have to leave because the others are in danger, losing their fight against Pachacamac. They apologize to Jan that they have to leave and tell him they'll continue the training once they're done. Jan, however to their surprise, tells them he has nothing more to teach them. They learned everything they needed when they realized that they have to strive to continue to get better. Before they leave, Ahim asks Jan his name, which Jan tells them that he's "Kandou Jan, son of the Tigers," much to Ahim and Don's surprise. Don and Ahim arrive on sight, and together with the other Gokaigers they transform into Gekirangers, and defeat Pachacamac. After Pachacamac groes large, the Gokaigers unlock the powers of the Gekirangers, to defeat Pachacamac for good. The episode ends with Don telling Luka to learn the navigation system herself, and having Marvelous learn to cook the hotdogs, much to his dismay. Ahim tells Marvelous to look at it as training. Marvelous then burns his hand when he touches the pot.

My Thoughts:
I really liked that the episode displays Don's and Ahim's inexperience, and shows that everyone was a beginner once. When you think about it, this was how Jan was at first when he was recruited to be part of the Gekiranger team. Speaking of Jan, while I think the maturation of Ban and Kai really dumb downs their personalities, I like the mature Jan much better. Ahim looks really cute with her hair pinned up in a pony tail. I also like how Navi's prophecies are always vague and make the Gokaigers earn the work. Navi is quite a fun sidekick character. That being said, Don frustrates me with his cowardness at times. He's the only Gokaiger that I don't like to well so far, but I'm trying to hold back to see how he develops. I was also a bit disappointed that they didn't play the Gekiranger theme song during the fight. It's one of the more awesome Sentai themes. They played the Magiranger theme during episode 3, and the Dekiranger theme during episode 5, so why didn't they play the Geki theme here? Overall, it's a descent episode. Not as good as the premier, episode 4 or 6, but still pretty good. I give it 7/10.

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