Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Power Ranger Characters I Feel Mixed About

In my previous post, I mentioned some Sentai characters I feel mixed about. So now, I'll share a few Power Ranger characters I feel mixed about.

Cole Evans, Wild Force Red

Some fans tend to call Cole "The Scrappy" of Wild Force. Many fans didn't like his scene where he tried to connect with an org's heart in the beginning of Wild Force. Admittedly that scene is very stupid but it is just one scene. I actually felt Cole was the strongest of the Wild Force characters. He's essentially the only character with any originality to him, and the story about his parents being killed by Master Org/Dr. Adler I think is the highlight of the series. That being said, the problem with Cole is he's played by Ricardo Medina, who's a douchbag and a terrible actor. Granted Ricardo's acting has improved slightly in PR Samurai as Dekker, but when he played Cole his overacting tended to ruin most dramatic scenes.

Jack, SPD Red

Like Cole, I kinda like Jack's development over the course of one season. I liked how he started out as a Robin Hood type character, and was eventually molded into a leader after working on his flaws. That said, the way they handled him by trying to make him like Ban without being "too much" like Ban didn't really work out that well. Jack wasn't a "screaming red" like Ban (Cole was, however) but he had Ban's occasional ego problems. This IMO made him too stereotypical African American.

Gem and Gemma, RPM Gold and Silver


Admittedly, I do like their Go-Onger counterparts much better. They're initially annoying for the first 5 episodes that they appear in. However, I think this is blown out of proportion a bit by the fandom. After the episode "Three's A Crowd," they're toned down and aren't that bad. They have a couple good character episodes after Three's A Crowd, and have that awesome scene at the end where they shoot down the control tower that lands on Venjix. They're ok characters for me. Though I think among the wacky comic relief characters, Ziggy is a lot better and a lot more effective.


  1. I agree with you on Cole. Though I feel a bit more negative toward him, rather than mixed. xD

    Jack is an okay character.

    I personally loved Gem and Gemma a lot. I thought they were very funny and something rather new to the franchise. Yes, there's Ziggy, but I think Gem and Gemma brought even more to the table. To me, they have been the best Sixth Rangers to date (yes, more than Tommy and Jason). I really don't find them annoying at all. Instead, I find them both very enjoyable. I'm kind of disappointed that fans are split over them, but hey, I guess fans are just some of the most easy to irritate creatures on the planet. lol. In all honesty, I found their Go-onger counterparts Hiroto and Miu to be far more annoying than Gem and Gemma were.

  2. @Fantasy Leader- I think it had to do with Hiruto and Mio's arrogance isn't it? Well, I think that's just it. Anyway, I hope you can help me out with Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers with comments with where I am flawed.

  3. @ Sean

    Well, I was already having some issues with the Go-ongers themselves, but they seemed like they were becoming a likable group. Then the Go-on Wings appear and become this nuisance by showing off just how much more "superior" they are. Granted, it's what Gunpei should've been since the start of Go-onger. But yeah, the Go-on Wings were jerks and just made the show kinda less fun for me. And I really think they were nothing but talk, cause it's eventually proven that they were no better than the Go-ongers, which I think is really pathetic on their part. I like Miu more, since she mellows out quicker and becomes likable. Hiroto had a couple of cool eps, but that's pretty much it for me.

  4. Personally I really like the Go-On Wings. I admit their story has been done before and they are some really big jerks initially. However, I don't think they're the biggest jerks that Sentai has had and IMO their development was well handled. I really liked Ep 41, which was a similar episode to Dekaranger episode 12, but I felt it gave better development to Hiroto than the Deka counterpart gave to Umeko because while you can pretty much expect Umeko to warm up to something cute and fuzzy, you wouldn't expect the same from Hiroto. They are a bit overrated because they overshadow the other characters, but I really began to like them by mid-season.

    I think they balance out the show quite well because the other five except for Gunpei are the wacky characters and the wings are the more stoic characters. I think this works just as well in RPM when they switch the characters personalities. The original five except for Ziggy are the stoic characters, while Gem and Gemma are the wackier characters and give the show some balance.

  5. For Cole, I felt Rick Medina was more on the underacting side. I don't consider Wild Force a horrible season and he has a really interesting backstory. Well, sad to say while I like his character, the actor ruined my mood. But that's life.