Thursday, August 26, 2010

David Yost Comes Out of the Closet.


In an interview with No Pink Spandex which was posted on youtube yesterday, as David Yost, who played Billy in MMPR and Zeo, acknowledge that he is gay. This had been rumored for years among power rangers fandom, and he campaigned in the 2008 election against Proposition 8, an anti-same sex marriage ballot initiative in the state of California. In the interview, he revealed the reason why he left at the end of Zeo was because of homophobic remarks made towards him by the production crew. Yost also apparently had a mental breakdown due to his sexual orientation. Now before anybody comments on this blog, please be aware that any homophobic remarks will not be tolerated. This is strictly just a news entry, so please don't leave any nasty comments towards Yost or gay people in general.

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  1. This was weird for me, as this was posted THE DAY before my plane left for Power Morphicon. To find out they'd been treating my absolute childhood HERO like that..... it's a really weird feeling, y'know? Billy's my all-time favorite Ranger, and I actually CRIED when he left the show. I always wondered why he left (as did pretty much everybody else, I know), and while I'm glad to finally know and understand, it really sucks that THAT'S what I had to find out. The poor guy. Well, rest assured, I know PLENTY of folks who feel he MORE than deserved to be a hero.

    > Ry-Guy