Friday, August 27, 2010

Timeranger Series Review



Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000-01, English translation Future Task Force Timeranger) was the 24th installment of Super Sentai. Timeranger used a time/law enforcement motif. This motif I believe later inspired Dekaranger's space police motif. Four of the Timerangers are from the year 3000, and chase a group of prisoners known as the Londarz family, to the year 2000 where they meet Tatsuya, who would become Timered. Timeranger is one of darkest, most serious-oriented seasons ever in Sentai's history. It is also generally praised by Sentai fans as one of the best seasons ever. It's dark story, intense drama, complex plot, and likable cast is generally well praised by the Sentai fandom. This show is also one of the last to have a 1980's-90's style, with a level headed red ranger and dark plot. This show receives very little criticism, however, the criticism that it does receive tends to be that the plot falls apart in the last 4th of the series and has an anti-climatic final battle. Me personally I disagree with this criticism. Instead, I think it's the opposite. The series has a slow start through the first 1/3rd of the series (roughly 17 episodes), but picks up more steam as the series progresses, with its most dramatic moments coming in the last 1/3rd of the series.

The Good
Timeranger definitely has a good plot with good drama. The cast is very likable with all of the characters being well developed. Among the cast, Tatsuya (Timered) is the only person from the present, and is struggling to break free from his father's wealth and power. Also, Yuuri (Timepink), is the first Pink ranger leader and the second female leader ever in Sentai. Yuuri is tough as nails and demonstrates excellent leadership ability. She's a member of the same anti-crime division as her father was, before he and the rest of Yuuri's family was murdered. The opening theme song is catchy, and it's lone team-up (with GoGoV), is pretty good. Compared to other seasons, this show also lacks corniness.

The Bad
As mentioned above, the plot moves rather slowly, with no new mecha's until Time Shadow appears in episode 18, and the 6th ranger, Naoto, not appearing until episode 28. This season also might not be one for fans of lighthearted Sentai's, because it is kind of dry because of its dark and serious tone. Despite this, it is still a pretty good season.

The Ugly
For being such a good and well-praised season, this season really got the shaft. Unlike other seasons, it received no mid-season movie and had only one team-up with GoGoV, mostly because the next season, Gaoranger, was Sentai's 25th anniversary season. Also, the quality of footage that exists on youtube is terrible.

My Rating
8.5/10 (Grade B+). Another very good series with strong characterization.

My Favorite Episodes
Episode 5- Reveals the murder of Yuuri's parents.
Episode 8- A fun episode where Yuuri learns she can't be too serious all the time.
Episodes 9-10- The revelation of Ayase's illness.
Episode 11- The beginning of the Honami/Domon arc.
Episode 17- Tatsuya teaches a young karate student that karate isn't just about becoming stronger.
Episodes 25-26- This is where the plot finally starts moving. This episode established the attraction between Tatsuya and Yuuri, and gives both characters strong development.
Episode 34- Yuuri is nearly forced to become an assassin. This episode also further develops the attraction between Tatsuya and Yuuri.
Episode 36- Domon's relationship with Honami finally becomes reality.
Episodes 42-44- Timeranger's Christmas episode. It's also a major plot arc in which Captain Ryuuya reveals he set mostly everything up.
Episodes 47-50- Not the greatest final battle, but the entire plot comes full circle in this arc and has a sad ending.


  1. Do you, personally, think that Captain Ryuya is the true villain of the series?

  2. I think so. Ryuya is the one that let Dorunero escape in the first place "to preserve the 30th century," then he sent the V-Rex and Time Fire morpher back in time so he didn't have to die. It didn't work out too well for him though.

    1. Actually I would consider Ryuya as a secondary villain like Masato Kusaka was in Kamen Rider Faiz.

  3. @Mr. Smith- So Ryuya is MORE EVIl than Ransik huh?

  4. Well when I think about it, Ransik had a bit of an excuse. He was the result of genetic engineering gone wrong.