Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Thoughts on the 2011 Power Rangers Cast

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As some of you may have read on the Power Chamber blog or on rangerboard, yesterday Saban confirmed the cast for the upcoming 2011 Power Rangers adaptation for Shinkenger. From looking at the cast pictures and reading about the cast, it will be another ethnically diverse cast. Also, from looking at photos the two female rangers are among the hottest since Maya in Lost Galaxy, and as a duo, since Cassie & Ashley from In Space. There's some concern on rangerboard about the lack of experience that half of these actors/actresses have, but to me it's not much different from previous power rangers series. Almost every power ranger actor or actress hired by either Saban or Disney has had little to no experience acting wise, so it's not much different that we've seen before. The Power Rangers franchise has never been known for great acting either. Only time will tell how well they do.


  1. Not really surprised that people are already complaining about the actors. When all we really know about them is what they look like. *sigh* Oh well. Then again, it's Rangerboard. XP

  2. I wonder if they'll be under an Asian sensei? I mean, Asians have played sensei parts in American movies training white people in the art of fighting.

  3. I kind of thought about it that with the red ranger being American, I get reminded of the movie called Forbidden Kingdom or the other movie called The Monkey King which has an American guy getting immersed into the Asian culture. Could it be that Saban liked those two movies so much?!