Monday, August 2, 2010

What I Think of Forever Red


Like all Power Ranger fans I really liked the fact that all previous red rangers teamed up in one episode known as "Forever Red." However, I have mixed feelings about the episode in particular. I like the fact that every previous Red Ranger was in the episode, along with Bulk and Skull and many of my favorites (like Tommy, Jason, TJ, Andros, and Leo), but I also think it's an overrated episode with many flaws. Of course, there is the obvious plot hole of how did Jason and TJ get their powers back, but for me thats not the problem I have with it. For starters, some of the more ridiculous scenes like horses on the moon and that living humans can breath on the moon. How Serpentera was introduced and used in the episode is deeply flawed. When shown in MMPR S2, Serpentera was at least 10 times bigger than the other zords, on Forever Red it is much smaller. And I also found it ridiculous how one ranger alone could take it down. I would have preferred to see the rangers call on their zords to try to take it down. For me, Forever Red is a good but not great episode that is worth seeing, but I think it should have been managed better and turned into a two-part team-up episode like most Power Ranger teamups are.


  1. To add on to mistakes made in forever red there is one red ranger missing. Rocky took Jason's Place as the Red Ranger and also was the Red Ninjetti Ranger(The Ape). I was highly disappointed that they did not include him.

  2. It was actually gonna end with an ultimate zord battle Leo was gonna die and they were gonna explain tj and jason getting their powers back but disney said no to all of this and made them do a one part episode and not hire any old people to come help out with this team up