Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Top 5 Red Power Rangers

After a bit of a long lay-off from my top lists, I've decided to introduce my top 5 red rangers, which is really like a top 6 since #5 is a tie :P And this top 5/6 is a clean sweep for Saban. Honestly, most of Disney's red rangers were annoying.

Honorable Mention- Jack Landros (SPD)

T5. Wes Collins (Time Force)

Wes is a virtual carbon copy of Tatsuya from Time Force, but he's still an interesting character. Also, Jason Faunt's acting job was rather good during this series.

T5. Theodore Jay Jarvis Johnson (TJ) (Turbo)


Yes I know it's Turbo, and TJ screwed up by self destructing a megazord at the end of Turbo. I still think TJ did much better as the blue ranger during In Space, but I still like TJ. Turbo still had a pretty good cast in both halves of the season, except for Justin. Also, the second half of Turbo, which was when TJ was present, was much better than the first half. And I also found it funny in Forever Red when TJ bragged about being cooked inside of a giant pizza.

T3. Tommy Oliver (Zeo/Turbo)


Yes, another tie. This one for the third spot. Tommy is still my favorite ranger of all-time, but his days as a red ranger weren't as good as he was as the green, white, and later black ranger. Especially during Turbo, in which he didn't even fight his Turbo incarnation in Fighting Spirit, probably because that part of Turbo was awful. Still, he had his share of memorable moments during Zeo. I loved the story with him and his brother during Zeo.

T3. Leo Corbett (Lost Galaxy)


Another ranger who's story is a bit of a copycat from his Sentai counterpart. Still, Leo was very tough. He was the rookie red ranger, so to speak, after he sneaked into Terra Venture. He was very passionate. The only thing I didn't like is that I wish the writers would have done something more with that one episode romance that he had with Ginger.

2. Andros (In Space)


If there's any power ranger with deeper development than Andros I'm yet to see it. He reminds me somewhat of Takeru in Shinkenger, in that he initially wanted to fight alone and didn't want to get the others involved, before letting up and accepting their help. For Andros, his personal struggles make him one of the most likable characters, such as the search for his sister (who turned out to be Astronema) and the near-death of his buddy Zhane, the silver ranger.

1. Jason Lee Scott (MMPR)


Jason is the second most skilled ranger of all-time, behind Tommy. He was a brave, valiant leader that was more of a leader by example than a strategist. For me, his best example of leadership was towards the end of the evil green ranger arc when he refused to let his team give up when everything was against them, including the powerful green ranger, the lost of Zordon and their zords.

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