Monday, August 23, 2010

Power Rangers ratings Wild Force-MMPRv2

Fantasy Leader the other day asked for a list on viewer-ship ratings for Power Rangers. I was able to find numbers on everything from Wild Force to MMPRv2, however, I have yet to find anything from MMPR S1-Time Force. Also to note, the American ratings system is much different from the Japanese system, so it's difficult to compare. For example, the highest rated tv shows in the United States have ratings around 6.2, while in Japan ratings can be much higher, into the 50's and 60's I believe. Also, these ratings are somewhat skewed because it shows viewer-ship for ages 6-11, and doesn't take into account older fans. Needless to say, Power Rangers has a large older fanbase. Also, these ratings are done on a week by week basis.

Power Rangers Ratings (on ABC kids)
(PRWF average: 1.38 rating / 6.46 share)
(PRNS average: 1.42 / 6.86)
(PRDT average: 0.93 / 4.78)
(PRSPD average: 0.99 / 4.89)
(PRMF average: 0.96 / 4.64)
(PROO average: 0.70 / 3.55)
(PRJF average: 0.60 / 3.07)
(PRRPM average: 0.53 / 2.82)
(MMPRv2 average: 0.47 / 2.28)

(Saturday mornings)
(PRMF average: 0.45 / 1.81)
(PROO average: 0.54 / 2.42)
(PRJF average: 0.56 / 2.97)

(Saturday mornings)
(PRWF average: 0.95 rating / 4.67 share)
(PRNS average: 1.17 rating / 5.86 share)
(PRDT average: 1.05 of 11 reported)
(PRSPD average: 0.71 rating / 3.33 share)
(SPD new eps only: 0.75 / 3.50)

For me some of these ratings come as a bit of a surprise. I would have expected Dino Thunder to be much higher than SPD and Mystic Force due to its popularity. Then again, ratings aren't exactly a good measure for popularity. RPM, for example, had bad ratings because of terrible time slots. As we know, even though the ratings for Wild Force are relatively high, it is one of the most unpopular seasons among Power Ranger fans. Likewise, while RPM's ratings are low, it is one of the most popular Power Ranger seasons. Here's a few graphs that show some of the recent PR ratings episode by episode.




When looking at these ratings, Operation Overdrive's ratings took a free fall from the first week. It's common for shows to have a big drop off from the first week, but a total free fall. While Jungle Fury's ratings were low, they went up after the beginning of the season. Also, as I stated above, it is somewhat unfair to compare these ratings to what they could have been because of time slots and the fact that older kids/adults aren't included. BTW, Fantasy Leader can you provide some ratings stats for Super Sentai as well?

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  1. Sure thing Mr. Smith. ;)

    And wow! Good job at finding these! Thanks a bunch! :D

    As for Dino Thunder's ratings... my guess is it helped bring in more viewers, which could explain why SPD's ratings are slightly higher.