Friday, August 6, 2010

Gekiranger Series Review



Juken Sentai Gekiranger (sometimes spelled Jyuken) (2007-08) (English translation Beast-Fist Squadron Gekiranger) used a martial arts motif that was based off of a kenpou using the person's "innerbeast." Usually, this series is seen as a more serious show. In reality, the first 18 episodes are more comedy oriented, while the last 31 are more serious oriented. This series is one with mixed reviews. This show truely was the opposite of "It's Big in Japan." The correct phrase would be "It's Big in America." Despite having some of the worst TV ratings and toy sales in Japan ever for a Sentai series, it is widely popular in Western societies. Personally, I'm mixed on this series as well. The show is widely praised for its deep character development, especially from its two main villains for most of the show, Rio and Mele. Rio and Mele are among the most popular villains ever in Sentai's history. While the show receives criticism for its hyperactive red ranger, Jan.

The Good
Rio and Mele are well worth the praise and popularity they receive. Especially Rio, who is just awesome. Among the rangers cast, Gou is a badass. Ran was the first female leader since Yuuri from Timeranger, which was nice, although imo she didn't get enough focus. I also liked their technical assistant, Miki, and her daughter. The movie is one of the better Sentai movies imo, and the team-up with Go-Onger was pretty good as well. The last 31 episodes overall are pretty good, including the final battle. This show overall has a pretty good, ambitious plot. Also, the opening theme song qualifies as Crowning Music of Awesome.

The Bad
I have to agree that Jan is a pretty annoying character who gets too much focus. As mentioned above, I also felt that Ran, the team leader, didn't get enough focus. Bae was also an annoying character imo, but he becomes likeable by mid-season. Also, the first 18 episodes, except for a couple awesome Rio moments, are rather bland at best. The team-up with Boukenger was also kind of bland. While the intro was great, I didn't really like the outro that much.

The Ugly
The uniforms imo are among the worst Sentai uniforms since Battle Fever J.

My Rating
7.5/10 (Grade B-) A good but not great series, imo, that has its moments and a good storyline.

My Favorite Episodes
Episode 9- One of the better episodes during the early part of the season. This episode reveals the background to Mele's love for Rio.
Episode 12- Also one of the better early episodes, involving a CMoA when Rio eats his own fear for lunch.
Episode 15- Also one of the better early episodes, and the funniest because Ran has to become a mother after Jan and Retsu are turned into kids.
Episodes 19-21- This is the KaGeki arc and where the series really starts to pick up steam. In the first episode, Rio just kicks the crap out of the Gekirangers. The second, the Gekirangers go through a training session in which they're tested against one another's strengths instead of their own. The third, they obtain KaGeki after discovering why they want to fight, and particularly Jan. This is also the beginning of Jan's maturity.
Episode 23- Ran is named Captain, and is immediately turned into a rebel. Involves an awesome moment for Miki.
Episode 25- Gou transforms into GekiViolet for the first time and it is awesome. He then proceeds to kick Mele's ass.
Episode 27- One of the few episodes where Bae isn't an annoying pest. He helps Gou defeat the wolf inside him and turns out to be a likable character.
Episodes 32-35- The story arc that eventually ends in the defeat of Maku and the Kenma. Episode 33 is also one of the few moments where it actually looks like Ran is leading the team as the captain.
Episode 37- Ran who is mostly underdeveloped throughout most of the series finally gets some development here, when her rich mom tries to arrange her to get married.
Episodes 46-48- The big reveal of the series, and the arc where Rio and Mele's development and relationship come full circle, along with their death that is quite sad.


  1. Gekiranger isn't nearly as bad as you keep making it out to be. As for it's reception in Japan, Gekiranger was very popular amongst Japanese fans. The kids, maybe not as much, due to the low toy sales. And Gekiranger should never be compared to Turbo. It's not THAT bad. As for Jan, at least he grows up. Something that doesn't happen in some of the other seasons.

  2. I'm not making it out to be "bad." I'm just saying that its not the greatest. And when comparing it to Turbo, I'm not saying its as bad as Turbo, just that there are some things about Geki that I think are comparably bad, and some that are comparably good to In Space, which you probably skipped as well.

  3. I didn't skip anything. I just read it differently. I never skip things.

  4. Never mind. Forget I commented at all. Sorry.

  5. I'm sorry but I have to disagree with your review as well. To me, either your review was way too harsh or I loved Gekiranger just that much. First, their suits will NEVER be as bad as Battle Fever J. No super sentai's suits are as bad as Battle Fever J. Secondly, I'm like Fantasy Leader, you can't compare it to Turbo. Really, Space either. Sentai and Power Rangers are in classes of their own. They are like fire and gasoline; items that should never be compared. Third, Jan, like the everyone else, started out very annoying but eventually matured and it was quite obvious. That was one of my favorite things about this season. Everyone started out one way and ended up way mature than the way they started. I will agree that Ran didn't really grow like everyone else but she didn't really have to because she was already pretty mature and seasoned so I really wasn't expecting her to go through a drastic change. Overall, in my opinion, Gekiranger was the last epic season and after it, Sentai started to fall off. First, falling hard with Go-onger, slowly picking up with Shinkenger (it still wasn't all that great and very slow to telling the story but it was hell-of-a-lot better than Go-onger) and then back to rock bottom with Goseiger.

  6. I don't think my review is that harsh. I gave the show it's due praise, and stated what I see that are it's flaws. And I disagree that Gekiranger is the last "epic" season. I disagree that Sentai fell hard on Go-Onger. Go-Onger isn't as bad as people make it out to be, and imo, the criticism it receives qualifies as "too harsh." Shinkenger has some slow moments, but so does Gekiranger (particularly the beginning), as well as Boukenger, and even Timeranger. Actually, you can make that case for just about every Sentai. Personally, I'll take Shinkenger above any of those shows I mentioned. As for Goseiger, you'll get no arguement from me on Goseiger.

  7. Their suits are one of the best looking for me, except for their weird shoes. I am not a fan of the Super Geki suits however.